Potcover examples

Advantages for retailers

  • Garden and Terrace is an easily recognisable brand in shops
  • Consumer-oriented with a high profit per square metre
  • Colourful sleeve that is equally attractive outside of the flowering season
  • Convenient 3L (19cm) pot and a large product range: 12 to 13 varieties
  • Inexpensive shipping due to optimum loading (4x21/units)
  • Provided with a barcode; easy to scan
  • Plant size: approx. 30cm, as the average size in rhododendrons

Advantages for consumers

  • The colour of the flowers is the key aspect of our concept.
  • Hands and clothes remain unstained. Also, it‘s a perfect gift: Fun to give, fun to get!
  • With both pots and plants in a convenient size, they are perfect for balconies and terraces, but will thrive equally well outside in the garden.
  • Rhododendrons produce attractive green foliage all year round and lovely flowers in spring.
  • Planted in the right soil type, rhododendrons are easy to grow, with few demands except for water.
  • The plants are provided with a sleeve and a QR link to a more informative website with inspirational photographs and tips for care.

Our product range

Discover our product range in detail. You can view the details of each of the available species by clicking through on each of the species images below.