Newborn Rhododendron potcover

Newborn Rhododendron

There‘s sure to be a perfect place in your home where you can watch this trendy newborn rhododendron plant come into full bloom and enjoy its beauty.

A true plant lover will transplant this plant to a bigger pot filed with rhododendron soil after it has finished flowering. It will thrive equally well in your garden and on your terrace.

Once the newborn has reached the toddler stage, it can be planted in the garden. Don‘t forget to add some rhododendron soil to the plant hole - just like any other toddler, this plant still has a lot of growing to do!

Newborn is a easy to grow and will retain its lush green foliage throughout the year. It will produce more beautiful flowers each year, while never becoming too big for today‘s smaller gardens.

Ghent Floralies 2016

The Newborn Rhododendron has barely seen the light of day and is already gathering tremendous acclaim!

This innovative concept was chosen by the professional jury of the Ghent Floralies as one of its personal favourites for the exhibition‘s 2016 edition.

The Ghent Floralies honoured the Newborn Rhododendron by awarding it the “OUR FAVOURITE” label.

Our favorite label of Ghent Floralies 2016

Unique gift for newborns

This Newborn Rhododendron is also a unique and ecologically friendly gift for the parents of a newborn baby. They will be able to watch the plant grow alongside their baby!

Not only that, this plant is an ideal gift to present to your newborn baby‘s visitors. Kept in a cool spot, they will think of your little one every time they see the lush green leaves of this lovely plant! Write your baby‘s birth date on the card included with the plant so that they will never forget your baby‘s name and birth date!

Newborn Rhododendron label