Scent is emotion!

The emotional value we attribute to scents is linked to the place in our brains where our perception of scent is processed. This is where important functions of our memory and our emotional lives are stored.

Scent, emotion and memory are therefore very closely intertwined. After all, 75% of our emotions are based on what we smell, rather than what we see or hear!

“Scent triggers our memories more strongly than any other sense”

Sensational appearance

The Scentsational Rhodo Fragrance has large trusses of tiny flowers that are reminiscent of the agapanthus. Thanks to its soothing colour, it‘s easy to find a spot for this plant in your garden or on your terrace and can successfully be combined with other colours. This extremely strong evergreen and winter-hardy plant can be grown easily in a pot on a your terrace.


Rhodo Fragrance is sold in various different sizes, each provided with a barcode and a QR code: In a 3L pot with an attractive cover (can be combined with the Garden and Terrace pot covers); or In a violet 5L pot with a large, informative tag. Also sold in larger sizes for landscaping projects.


This plant thrives in direct sunlight as well as in semi-shaded conditions. If you place it in the sun when it flowers, its pleasant fragrance will be released even more easily. This rhododendrons grows best when planted in acidic rhododendron soil. Its flowering period is at the end of May. However, as this plant is winter hardy and capable of surviving temperatures as low as -27 °C, there is no need to move it inside in winter.